Friday, February 14, 2014

ESPN is good for your marriage

Conversation at our house while watching Pardon the Interruption:

Nate: I'm not complaining, but I still can't believe you like this show.

Me: Why? It's entertaining. I think I'd be friends with both of them in real life.

Nate: Of course you do.

Me: I'm serious. I think me and Tony would really hit it off.

Nate: I'm gonna hate myself for this...but what on earth do you think y'all would have in common?

Me: Froyo. duh.

Nate: ??????????? I'm sorry, what?

Me: I'd totally take him on a froyo date. I'm so curious about what toppings he would pick. I know he'd have killer combinations and great life stories about how he came up with them.

Nate: *falls down on the floor laughing*

Me: I'm not sure what's funny. But consider yourself un-invited to our date. James Earl Jones and John Stamos will be there too. Your loss bro.

Nate: What is froyo anyway?



Me: Sweet baby Jesus, please tell me you are kidding.

Nate: I've never had it. It's just like ice cream, right?

Me: *stunned silence*

And that is how I learned that the man I've been with for almost 13 years, has never had frozen yogurt. I know. I KNOW. You are as shocked as I am. Bless his deprived little heart. Don't worry, I'm remedying the situation tonight. Because I'm the best wife ever. And, oh right, Valentine's day. And I need a test subject so I don't disappoint Tony one day.

So ladies, ESPN. Watch it. You'll be surprised what you learn about your spouse. All these years and the kid still keeps me on my toes.


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