Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too good not to share.

"...I’d recently committed to a non-negotiable understanding with myself. I’d committed to “the End of Suffering.” I’d finally managed to exile the voices in my head that told me my personal happiness was only as good as my outward success, rooted in things that were often outside my control. I’d seen the insanity of that equation and decided to take responsibility for my own happiness. And I mean all of it."

The above is an excerpt from this article I stumbled across a few days ago. Hubs and I both read and loved it. No matter where you are in life, relationship, marriage, I think it is worth the read. Navigating your life with someone isn't always butterflies and roses. It's work. Sometimes (a lot of times) you aren't both in the same frame of mind emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. What this woman was able to do, for herself, her children, and for her marriage is more than admirable. The lesson of being their for your spouse, by whatever means necessary, comes through loud and clear.

Here's to taking responsibility for our own happiness.




Monday, February 20, 2012

Short and Sweet...

...it's better than nothing at all, right? Just wanted to post this adorable-melt-your-heart-into-tiny-pieces picture of B and Uncle Nate.
I'm so happy to report that Bryce is finally HOME and doing amazing. All 3lbs 10oz of him. And, since life likes to mess with me, I am, of course, sick as a dog  and cant see him just yet. But not to worry, he knows his YaYa loves him, I'm sure of it :)

OH, and because I'd just like to kill you with adorableness:

If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you might want to hightail it on over to Oz and ask for a new heart. Robot.

More updates about life and bridesmaiding and all that jazz soon, I promise. But hopefully this will tide you over in the mean time.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B is for: Bryson, Bridesmaid-ing, and a blogging comeback

Oh hey! Remember that one time I used to blog? But then the inevitable "i can't commit to ANYTHING" syndrome kicked in? And life got busy and this little slice of the internet machine was left to collect cyber cobwebs? Yeah, that just happened.

I'm not sure how many of you are even still out there reading this, but I do know one very persistent Yankee (who BTW will be here in MARCH) that is on the verge of physical violence in regards to my lack of blogging. So if anything, this one is for you dollface.

So, since I have over a month of things to catch up on, I thought I'd just give each post a letter theme, you know, like on Sesame Street? Clever, I know. And yes I realize I skipped the letter A. It's pretentious and gets all the recognition for being at the beginning of the alphabet and I've got no time for a stuck up letter stealing the show. I decided it's time that another letter get to shine; so, as should go without saying, B was the obvious choice.

Ok, all of that was total bullsh. I just happen to be a fan of alliteration and as the fates would have it, I had three things to talk about that started with a B. You're welcome. I feel rusty at this. I've been keeping all my crazy pent up in my brain, or just unloading on the hubs, so typing all this up feels kinda silly. And kinda rambley. Oh well. You decided to click the link, what does that say about you?

Anyyyway. Lots to talk about so lets get to it. First, and most importantly, I'm a YaYa again! That's right, I am the proudest most smitten aunt to a new little nugget of sunshine. World, meet Bryson (Bryce) Louis Hunke. Born 2/4 at 9:12am, weighing a whopping 3lbs 2oz.
Now, since I have been the world's worst blogger lately, I never filled y'all in about the not-so-ideal pregnancy my sister-in-law had. Suffice it to say that she was on bed rest for about 2 months, and after many doctors visits, (most importantly counseling from the incredible Dr. Daum) they determined, for whatever reason, that B wasn't growing enough. So after only 34 weeks of "cooking" it was time for him to make his grand entrance into the world. He came out screaming, and is doing remarkably well. He can breathe on his own, but the CPAP machine just makes it easier on his little lungs, and doesn't force his little body to burn as many calories. Momma is recovering well from her C-section (she's a trooper!) and Dad is an incredibly proud papa. We SO overjoyed about this perfect teensy addition to our family! Any prayers or well wishes for my SIL's continued recovery, and fast weight gain for little B would be more than appreciated.

What was the other B thing I needed to talk about? Oh yeah, bridesmaid-ing. Yes, i just made that into a verb. Anything can be made into a verb by adding -ing. Read a book.

So I have the pleasure of being in not one, but TWO weddings this coming April, which makes March the month of bachelorette parties. It's ok to be jealous. I'm actually in charge of throwing one of them, and as Maid of Honor I really hope I don't screw it up! If any of you reading this are KJ's bridesmaids, scouts honor I'm putting together the email with all the weekend details and you WILL see it this week. I swear. If you don't, please bombard my facebook telling me how big of a slacker I am. Seriously. I'm actually co-hosting another shower this month, which, since I obviously SUCK at multi-tasking, has taken center stage.

None of that is really the point. All the showers/parties aside, I just can't wait to stand next to two of my absolute best/closest friends, on their special day. It's an honor I don't take lightly, or for granted. Both of them stood beside me on my wedding day, and I can't wait to do the same for them.

I was reminded the other day, (when I was literally on the verge of a panic attack because of all of the activities and things I have coming up/am committed to) how blessed I am. All of the things I have going on, are good and happy things. Wonderful, life changing things, that I am so fortunate to be a part of. Even when I'm overwhelmed I just keep telling myself that.

It also helps that my husband is the bomb. No seriously y'all, you know that "made for TV" marriage bliss that every romcom force feeds you? The vomit inducing, all encompassing happiness that, as of our first few years of marriage had been elusive at best? We've found it. (Technically, we'd had it all along...we'd just gotten lazy, and needed a tune up, but that's a post for another day).  We had to work at it. And we will have to keep working at it, everyday. But that's a responsibility I will happily take on. I am married to my best friend. We get to play house, build forts and watch Saturday morning cartoons together, for the rest of our lives. How bad ass is that? Going on 11 years and the kid still gives me butterflies, and is the best part of my day. And I'm happy abundantly joyful.

How's that for a blogging comeback?


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