Monday, November 12, 2012


Go ahead and roll your eyes if you must (since the Crimson Tide wasn't able to)...if you know me, you HAD to know this post was coming.


And none of this band wagon, t-shirt fan nonsense. I root for my boys every year. And for as many seasons as I can remember, all I catch from people is crap.Why? Because our team hasn't been a winning one in a very long time. But we hold on hope because, well, it's in our blood. WE are the 12th man...and we will take the heart ache, because we are just that loyal. For those of you who don't know, Texas A&M left the Big 12 in a history making move and joined the SEC. A winning conference. THE conference by many people's standards. And Lord have mercy did we hear it all. "A&M will never make it in the SEC", "Y'all are going to have your maroon asses handed to you all season", "The Aggies are going to be the joke of the conference" and blah, blah, blah, blah, blahhhh.

Personally? I wasn't surprised by any of those comments. Yes, we made a big move. Yes, we have a new coach, and if history serves as any reminder, odds are we aren't going to bring much to the table. So I kept my trash talking mouth closed, my hopes high, and held my breath every Saturday since the season started...and prayed for a miracle.

And it worked. We've lost 2 games, but they were anything but a beating. We stepped up, and we started WINNING. And then we got to this Satruday. Texas A&M vs. Alabama, the defending Naional Champions and #1 team in the country. Everyone was expecting a masacre. There was NO WAY the Ags, even with an on the road winning streak, stood a snowball's chance in hell against the Crimson Tide.

And then came Johnny Football. By the end of the first quarter we were up 20-0 and my heart was racing faster than I can ever remember. The game was EPIC. Alabama came back with a vengeance, but in the end, my Aggies won the game. Dethroned the #1 team and walked away with a 29-24 victory. (I literally just got chills typing that...not even sorry!)

Ya'll? Saturday was the best gameday of my Aggie life. I sports cried. Judge me if you will, but I know I wasn't the only one. Everybody loves an underdog story, and for those of us who stand by our team, win or lose, this weekend was worth any disapointment in the past, or in the future. This weekend the AGGIES were on top, and I was on cloud nine.

Way to go Ags. I couldn't be MORE proud to be a part of such an indescribable community. My Aggie ring is shining a little brighter, and I'll be wearing maroon every day for the rest of the season.




Proudest Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2009!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A lesson in domestic violence

People fight. Married people? They are no exception. And any married person who tells you otherwise, is a big fat liar....or, has their life much more together than me and the hubs do. Either way, I'm here to tell you that sharing your life with a boy ain't no picnick, and some just want to punch them.

Cue Thursday. I got home from work, and captain bossy is all, "hurry up, lets go, we're gonna be late, blah blah blah". Let me back up a minute. Did I mention that he was off work ALL day...just chilling at home on the couch eating cheetos? And I was getting home from the world's longest day at the office, literally still climbing out of the car when he started all this nonesense? I think it goes without saying that I was grouchy. I was even more annoyed with the fact that we've been at this for ELEVEN years. You'd think by now this kid would know how NOT to push my buttons and turn me voilent.

Anyway, we were headed out to eat with his parents for my birthday and he was so sure we were gonna be late. And that my tardiness was super rude. Did I mention it was also ONLY 5:15? *insert eye roll here*

So we're bickering. And I'm getting more stabby by the second. Fast forward 30 minutes and I'm practically planning out where to bury his lifeless body, and he's still all, "yap yap yap you're inconsiderate". As we get closer to the house, he's tells me he doesn't want me to ruin dinner with my bad attitude. I beg your freaking pardon?! I politely informed him it was MY birhtday dinner and I'd be as hostile as I felt like...and he could bite me.

Now he's begging me to, "get in a better mood" and all I can say through my gritted teeth is how very much I would like to punch him. In the face. Twice.

What happened next, I never saw coming. Like, at all. He stops the car. He looks at me and asks, "if you punch me, can we be done and have a good time tonight?". My face must've been screaming YES, because before I could answer, he grabs my already balled up fist, and knocks himself upside the head with it. HARD. As in, his glasses fell off his face.

And y'all? I was INSTANTLY in a fabulous mood. All my frustration was gone. And as I sat there and stared at him, we both just erupted into laughter. I felt better. He was happy because I wasn't grumpy. And although it might have been the most disfuncntional fight we've had to date...I've never loved him more. We had an awesome time at dinner, and I was given the best blog material in marriage history. Gateway domestic violence for the win.

Hot mess, party of two? Your table is now available.



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