A crash course on the fortunate lovelys featured most often on the blog...

The Hubs
*please ignore the shirt. He had not yet been schooled in the art of bargain shopping*

Nathan Allen is the last of a dying breed. The goof to my ball. Avid sports enthusiast who enjoys Xbox with a side of Public Access Radio (on the AM Ya'll!). My knight in shining armor whose high-pitched-man-giggle is the soundtrack to my soul.

The Mutts
*the mutt-ley crew...get it?*

These are the furr-brains that the hubster and I co-habitate with. They are out of control. From left to right you have Toga (alien), Riley (golden retarded retriever), Lady (cowardly pitt bull). Basically I have an undiagnosed need to collect furry, four-legged, panty snatching, trash destroying, carpet eating, monsters.

The Parentals
*These two are extremely uptight obvi. I really wish they would just learn to realax...*

Not to go all "after school special" on you, but these children grown ups are the best parts of me. They are both hilarious in their own right, honest, kind, completely insane, and the most amazing parents/best friends I could ever have asked for. Sometime in the next 50 years I plan on posting a picture of them racing wheelchairs in hospital gowns down the halls of whichever old folks home I choose to commit them to. It will be epic. Don't be jealous.

The Sibs
*over-the-shoulder-sneak-attack-hugs are my specialty. Disregard their faces...they love me, honest.*

These are my boys. My brothers. Bubba & Te-te (for clarification purposes, it's pronounced: TAY-TAY, but he will also respond to Mogli, Tatertot and V). I'm not a raging lunatic about much, but mess with either of these and I will end you. I'm sure they just love that their crazy-over-protective sister is putting this information all over the internet machine...why wouldn't they? No but seriously, they're the bees-knees and I'm uber proud to be their big sister (who I'm sure they will commit to the same looney bin as the parentals, but whatev.)

The Bestie McBesterson
 *Sexiest bridesmaid of all times? Duh. Best friend forever? No question.*

O.M.G this dude right here is the best of the best. Britney (or Bri-Henny as my dad so affectionately calls her) is the first official college friend I ever made. We thought we'd be really cool and waste a lot of money and got to OU (Booooomer? Not so much) but quickly realized we can't live anywhere but the Lone Star State. I've never had more fun/made worse decisions then when I'm with this girl. YOU DON'T NEED IT, moo-moos, motocross and ice cold (adult) bevs are our specialties. I have the easiest/ most carefree, kick-ass friendship with her. Seriously, we're a blast in a glass. She's my favorite and if you're lucky (or I'm really drunk) I'll give you her phone #...even if you're a random.

The Wife
* This a pretty decent summation of the shenanigans we like to pull*

This is my wife, Briana (pronounced Bree-ANNE-uh). We met as transfers in Aggieland and it was like I found my missing piece. Together we became two crazy jezebels who like to pick fights with randoms, lose our shoes in public, drink to excess (margs if given the choice, especially at the aquarium), cry a LOT (sometimes only out of one eye), laugh more, eat enough to feed a small army of starving wombats, build gingerbread houses that would leave Davinci speachless, and basically just party like Rockstars every chance we get. She can make up songs on the fly like you've never heard, is the best Hey-teller on the planet, and she sits at the top of my favorite person list.

The Office
*The sad thing is that i had all of these pics on my phone. These are the top notch professionals that I work with*

If you've ever seen any/all of the excellent series "The Office" then you have a pretty legit grasp on life around here...except instead of paper, we sell toilets and other various types of bathroom essentials. This is the "family business" I chose over a teaching career. I'm a third generation nutcase and I absolutely LOVE my job. I guarantee you we have more fun over here than you do. Just as an aside: that lovely fur coat my father is sporting belongs to the one member of my office NOT pictured above. HE (yep, he) is the newest addition to our train wreck and I'm just gonna let him remain nameless for his own good.

The Yankee
*this is my favorite picture. EVER.*

4th cousins don't usually get to know each other, nevermind consider each other soulmates. Kay and I are definitely not usual in any sense of the word. Growing up we would pretend we were Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen...twins, separated at birth and forced to live across the country from one another, and fight crimes via snail mail (creativity definitely runs in the fam...). The fact that I am forced to live exactly 1,188.1 miles away from her IS a crime, but we manage. Facebook, text, email, blogs, Skype, were created for people just like us and we take full advantage of them all. In fact, she knows just about every minor detail of my boring life, and I'd like to think I know just as much about hers (which is never boring, at least not to me). You won't find another pair like us, and I'm blessed to have her in any capacity the good Lord will allow. 

The Neighbors
*It's almost unbearable how adorable they are...*

Jason and Lauren (Lauren Hunke the 1st), are not only my kick ass brother and sister-in-law but they also live exactly 3 doors down the street. You'll frequently find Lauren and I indulging in "mommy drinks" while enjoying our shared guilty pleasure, Jersey Shore (can it come back on already?!? I'm dying over here!). Jason and the hubs could play Xbox until their eyes fall out (I just don't get itttttt) and we are the funnest-family-fourpack you'll ever meet. They are amazing, and I can't imagine what we'd ever do without them. They also happen to be the INCREDIBLE parents to the lights of my life, featured below :)

(lights of my life)

*Brace yourself, these two will be featured often, and in excess. Can you blame me?! Look at those faces!*

McKenzie Jael and Roman Gabriel. Oh. Em. Gee. These kiddos seriously make my world go 'round. Uncle Nate and Aunt YaYa (that's me. adorable, i know) cannot get enough of them. Seriously. The blessing of having a niece and nephew is NOT lost on me. I have a really hard time remembering what life was like before either of them entered it. I get the privilege of waltzing down the road anytime I want, scooping them up and smothering/spoiling the absolute sugar out of them. I know, I know, its not polite to brag, but again, can you blame me?!

Well, there you have it. A pretty complete list of all the essentials needed to follow this little bloggity blog of mine. Hope y'all enjoy what you find!

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