Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey blog friends.

I'd like to make some valiant attempt to excuse my absence from my little corner of the internet, but I've got nothing but questions...HOW is it already October...I mean, almost November? The days are long but the weeks sure are short, huh?

But enough about that. A lot has changed since I was here last. We are expecting our first baby this May. The timing is all His, and so is the glory. I just turned 27 and I'd like to say I've mastered the art of being still, and patiently waiting on Him...but I'm still a major work in progress. He is ever faithful though, and I know I'm held extra close to His heart. He whispers, "I know, my child. I hear you. But I have so many things planned for you, and My timing, well, it's infallible." Thankful for His provision. Grateful for this tiny, and every growing blessing that we spent so many years praying for. Humbled. Oh, so humbled, by the love and support we've received so far. Each day that we stay pregnant, each hour He calms my anxiety, each minute we move closer to becoming parents...I am joyful.

It seems like lately all I've done is ask people for prayer. For me, for Nathan, for this baby. I don't know that all of you out there reading this are the praying kind, or religious, but I know personally the power that comes when we call upon our Heavenly Father. Or send good thoughts. Or pause in silence for someone or something. And even though I feel like I've been given so much more prayer than I deserve, I'm going to ask for some more. Not for this momma to be, but for another mom. A fantastic one. Who has a gorgeous 3 month old baby girl named Leighton, who is the spitting image of her mother; and an incredible husband named Eric, who loves her like you wouldn't believe. This mom is 27 and very recently found out that the cancer we all celebrated her defeating, has returned. Her name is Lauren Barnhart Reed, but to me she's always been just, Barnhart. She is fierce in all aspects of her life. She is thoughtful, and generous, and some of my very favorite memories from college and beyond are with her by my side. She's honest, that one. And her honesty, and bravery, are qualities I've always admired. Oh, and her friendship? I cherish it as one of my life's greatest gifts.

She has a road ahead of her. One paved with uncertainty and pebbled with the unknown. But she is a fighter, and I've never believed in someone's capabilities (no matter the trial) as much as I do hers. Her friendship means the world to me, and I only hope I've brought half the joy and laughter to her, that she has to me. Will you do me a favor? One blogger to another? Will you pray for her, in whatever way you are lead? Be it for peace, for strength, for hope. Any positive thoughts, or energy you can send, do it. Please. You can leave them in comments here, and I'll send them her way, or just whisper them right where you sit. I'll be forever in your debt.

If you'd like more information on her diagnosis, her family and how else you can help, I've included links below to her Facebook page. Thank you, from every corner of my heart, for joining me in lifting her up. I truly believe our God is bigger, and there is complete healing in His name.

"But as for me, I will always have HOPE." Pslam 71:14

Love for Lauren Reed Facebook Page

Love for Lauren Barnhart Reed | Medical Expenses -



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